Rutgers SNAP Challenge Week


So this week, I decided to try the Rutgers SNAP Challenge, which is a way for college students to roughly mimic how millions of low-income families have to live every day. The challenge is to eat under $4.50 per day from this Monday to Friday and then to post your experiences on social media. The official rules and my videos will follow, but thanks for all the support and feel free to comment below!

SNAP Challenge Rules

  • Each person should spend only $4.50 per day on food, drinks, and snacks.
  • ALL food purchased and eaten throughout the week will be counted in total spending including dining out.
  • Do NOT accept and eat free food from family, friends, and coworkers since these opportunities are not available to those in need.
  • Eat as healthy as possible.
  • Track your progress by recording a video of yourself with the Questions of the Day. Post your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media using #SNAPChallenge or #CSAW14







BlackboardWorld 2012 Panel


When I was working for John Wiley and Sons Inc. in the summer of 2012, I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the annual Blackboard World Conference. It was held in New Orleans, LA, which by the way is really interesting city to visit, and Wiley was gracious enough to sponsor me to participate for the 3 days I was there.

The conference included various vendors and publishers, including Wiley. I was on a panel with 4 other college students from across the country and we talked to professors, Blackboard executives, and other members of academia about our study habits, particularly in relation to the online tools we use. It was nice to see that my opinions were taken into consideration by such important people and that I was able to slightly contribute to the future of online study tools.

I also didn’t realize how nervous I looked!

Here’s the link: http://blackboard.echo360.com/ess/echo/presentation/9dfff812-aaf8-4d28-8347-741ab50c1351

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 1.27.52 AM