It will happen. At some point in your career, you WILL need to perform under pressure. More importantly, you will need to perform really well. With the high level of competition and the fast pace of today’s world, the need for instantaneous, quality work is greater than ever. And as rewarding as it can be Read more

What drives creativity? What makes you be more creative? Passion. Passion leads to new ideas, to perseverance, and ultimately, to success. If you ask any successful leader what drives them, they will most likely tell you that it’s their passion that keeps them going. The word “Passion” itself comes from the Latin root “pati”, which Read more

Happy #WellTailoredWednesday! In light of yesterday being April Fools Day (AFD), which is one of my favorite unofficial holidays, I wanted to share what my favorite brand hoaxes were. While some companies are usually thought of as serious, profit-driven conglomerates, AFD gives marketers the perfect opportunity to be funny, quirky, or sometimes downright weird with Read more

Last week was my Spring Break and I came across a fantastic article about how two college graduates created a commercial that got the attention of one of the world’s most innovative companies—Tesla Motors. Tesla is unique with its marketing strategy in that it doesn’t pay a dime for advertising and it doesn’t even have Read more