Cafe Du Monde

It’s been a while since I posted about the coffee I’m drinking, and since I just gulped down my last cup, I decided to get back to it! I just finished drinking the Café Du Monde brew, which is from the fabulous city of New Orleans, Louisiana (Who Dat?). My parents introduced me to this coffee and ever since I moved out, I decided to steal politely ask for a can to take to my apartment.

Bold And Beautiful

This is a dark roast, almost a “midnight” roast, if such a thing existed. With the first sip, I was able to taste just how dark the coffee was. It’s not subtle by any means—I felt like I was hit with a punch of boldness as soon as the flavor hit my tongue. This coffee is what you think about when you hear the words “full-bodied” and you can feel the flavor travel throughout your system after every sip.

According to the Café Du Monde website, the Acadians bought chicory to NOLA when they emigrated from Nova Scotia in the 1860s. Since then, New Orleans became the birthplace of French coffee in America. You can certainly see the coffee’s French roots, as it’s crisp and strong, much like coffee from France itself. The French started adding chicory, a plant that’s native to their country, to their coffee since their Napoleonic days, as they believed it enhanced the flavor of the drink. 

When and How To Drink It

Cafe Du Monde Coffees

I would definitely recommend this coffee as an early morning start to one’s day or as a late afternoon pick-me-up because of its intense flavor and boldness. Due to the coffee’s intensity, I wouldn’t recommend the standard 1-to-1 grounds-to-water ratio, but rather more of a 1-to-1 ½ ratio instead. This is not the kind of coffee you’d drink for a casual sip. Instead, I would recommend a lighter roast that goes easy on the taste buds—perhaps a blonde or medium roast. Nevertheless, this coffee is worth a try and I want to have a Café Au Lait at the Café Du Monde.

Here’s the official description from behind the can:

“This is the exclusive Coffee and Chicory blend served at the CAFÉ DU MONDE, the Original French Market Coffee Stand, serving Cafe Au Lair and Hot Beignets (French Doughnuts) 24 hours a day, year round. This popular New Orleans landmark has been located in the French Market since the early 1860’s.”

If you give this coffee a shot, please let me know in the Comments’ below! Thanks for reading!