Recently, I’ve gotten into a relatively new genre of music called Trap. The best way that I would describe Trap music is as a mix between House, Club Music, and Hip Hop: There are still many drops, but they’re slower and more elongated, and often there is a short, repetitive chorus. One of my favorite artists so far is Diplo, or “Diplodocus” as he was once known. Diplo first started DJ-ing during his college years at Temple University and he eventually released two mixtapes, Hollertonix and Never Scared. The former paved his way to success and collaboration with artists like MIA (and they were nominated for their work on “Paper Planes“), while the latter was named one of the New York Times’ best albums of 2003. Most recently, he was one of the headlining DJs at the Ultra 2014 festival.

I’m a big fan of rhythm and so I really like Diplo’s work. He has a great ear for merging hardcore rap with deep drops, all combined with a unique flair to produce really good music (without sounding like an ambulance!). His style is almost similar to mashup artists like Girl Talk, who use lyrics from different songs in their work.

There is a lot of use of the snares and the bass in his songs, so I would definitely recommend listening to his music with noise-canceling headphones! Here’s one of my favorite songs by him, “Express Yourself” featuring Nicky Da B.

(Note: The video may be offensive to some!)

 I also like this song, “Biggie Bounce” featuring Angger Dimas & Travis Porter:


Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I’m not a big fan of Beyonce’s music (gasp!). But I really enjoyed Diplo’s remix to her “Drunk in Love” song:

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about Diplo below!