Happy #WellTailoredWednesday! In light of yesterday being April Fools Day (AFD), which is one of my favorite unofficial holidays, I wanted to share what my favorite brand hoaxes were. While some companies are usually thought of as serious, profit-driven conglomerates, AFD gives marketers the perfect opportunity to be funny, quirky, or sometimes downright weird with their brand. Here are my faves (in no particular order) from yesterday:

Google Maps– Pokémon Challenge

Gotta catch ’em all right? As a fan of one of the greatest cartoon shows ever, I was super excited to hear about Google Maps’s Pokémon Challenge. To embark on the Challenge, users of the Google Maps mobile application can press “Start” and will soon see different Pokémon in areas around their community. Once they select a Pokémon, they can catch it. If users traveled “across the world, searching far and wide” (Theme Song lyrics!), they can catch all 150 Pokémon. The first Pokémon Master to complete the Challenge will be hired by Google Maps (April Fools!).

Publicis Seattle–Brand Drops

Okay I know that Publicis is in the field of media and NOT in science, but can you imagine how cool it would be if companies could “brand” raindrops? Think about how it’ll sound on the Weather Channel: “And tomorrow we’ll have light rain in the area, sponsored by Coca-Cola” or “The following hurricane is brought to you by Burger King—stay safe, stay dry but as always, Have It Your Way”. It’s utterly absurd. It’s probably bad for the environment. And sure, it adds to that argument of how we can’t go anywhere without seeing advertising. But aside from the moral arguments, think about it from a scientific, and then from a branding aspect, and you may see that this idea is actually pretty neat. I’ll go ahead and say my risqué pun that Brand Drops may very well just be a marketer’s “wet dream”!

 Chegg University–Student-Led Courses

I’ve always been a champion for higher education. And as a student myself, I realize the importance of the courses that I take in college for my career and personal life ahead. Which is why I wouldn’t think twice about enrolling in Chegg’s “Microwavable Culinary Arts” course. There are so many other courses that are just as useful, if not better. “Twerking For The Rhythmically Challenged”? Well, I DO need to hone those skills for my future aspirations! “Strategic Analysis of Streaking”? Yeah I’m sure Morgan Stanley will hire me after seeing that on my resumé. And the fact that these courses are taught by current students whom I can relate to and whom can address all my concerns has convinced me even more to sign up!

What were your favorite brand hoaxes of AFD of 2014? Did you fall for any of them? Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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