Last week was my Spring Break and I came across a fantastic article about how two college graduates created a commercial that got the attention of one of the world’s most innovative companies—Tesla Motors. Tesla is unique with its marketing strategy in that it doesn’t pay a dime for advertising and it doesn’t even have an agency on record. Still, James Khabushani and RJ Collins decided to make a video spot for the car company and it eventually landed them a meeting with Tesla’s famous CEO Elon Musk (talk about making it to the top, huh?).

Khabushani and Collins recently started their own production company called Everdream Pictures and spent only $1,500 in creating the video with their 15-person crew:

In my opinion, the actual content of the ad was fairly average. Kid has a dream about going to space, pretends to do so with his imagination, discovers Tesla car, continues innocent imagination, gets caught by dad, dad joins kid with imagination, and end with some quick facts about Tesla. It’s a simple idea that connects people’s soft spots (a cute kid in a shiny car) and their ambitions (who didn’t ever dream of traveling through space?) all in a one-minute video. But I’m more impressed with the passion and drive (pun intended!) that Khabushani and Collins had in making the video. The pair didn’t care if they were marketing for an international car company, they just made it because they thought it was cool and because they really liked making videos. And the results were great. Here’s Mr. Musk’s official Tweet about the video:

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 9.22.08 PM

Khabushani was quoted saying, “Kids like us — as long as we have the cameras and creativity — can make anything we want…”, and this is a point that I want to really drive home to readers. As students, we have so much potential to change the world. As Thomas Friedman emphasizes, the world is really flat and the tools are everywhere: our laptop webcams, social media, YouTube, etc. And at this stage in our lives, we have a type of hunger to prove ourselves that is unmatched by people of any other age. We just need to take advantage of our potential and work hard.  So I encourage YOU to do something crazy like they did. Make a video, write a song, or just do something that you like and don’t ever think that it’s too big to do. THAT is the essence of creativity.

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts below! Stay tuned for next week’s post!

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