Take a second to think of that. If you delve further into that definition, you’ll see that it’s actually ironic. We take a word that represents thinking differently and confine it to a strict definition. In a way, the definition of creativity is the very box that the word represents thinking outside of.

[pullquote]The definition of “creativity” is the very box that the word represents thinking outside of.[/pullquote]

We may think of the creatives as those hipster students who can draw perfect circles and who are always on their Macs. We may think of people like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, or Elizabeth Gilbert. But why do we think of just those people as being “creative”? If all they did was think of something differently, why can’t we do the same? I’m going to say something that will change all those previous perceptions and that may sound absolutely strange to some people:

“We are all creative”.

That’s right, everyone is creative. The sooner you start to believe that, the better. Too often do people convince themselves that they’re not anything: “I’m not an engineer” or “I’m not a people person”. “I’m not creative”, however, is unique because creativity is innate and doesn’t need formal training. Sure, to be an engineer you have to go through schooling and become qualified. But to be creative you just need two things: imagination and curiosity. The beauty of creativity is that it’s entirely subjective. Being creative can be however you want it to be, whether it’s writing an essay that is unlike any of your other ones or thinking of a solution on saving costs for your accounting firm (who says accountants can’t be creative?).

So go out there with this new state of mind. Go out knowing that you can think of something new to change the world. Nike has a famous slogan that says “Find Your Greatness”. I would slightly modify that and encourage you to “Find Your Creativity”.


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