So I decided to change things up and publish on Wednesdays, and will thus aptly name these posts, “Well-Tailored Wednesdays” (#WTW). You can think of this as a creative break in the middle of your work week or just my tribute to Hump Day. Either way, I think WTWs are here to stay! So since this is my first post for the new year, here are some of the top things in marketing that I’m most excited to see in 2014:

facebook-like-buton1)   Facebook Marketing Will Get a Facelift:

Since going public in May 2012, Facebook has had marketers scrambling to figure out how to effectively advertise their brands. In the past, the idea of promoting your brand on a social networking site that has more than 1 billion users worldwide who are mostly under age 30, was unheard of. This year, experts believe that marketers will have a firmer strategy on how to better reach their target audiences. Some of these ways are:

  1. Revamping how they use the Newsfeed. Gone are the days of spamming the Newsfeed with boring and impersonal promotions. I predict that marketers will start to publish”real” and meaningful content to connect to their targets and to encourage further social media buzz.
  2. Integrating all marketing channels. Word-of-mouth can do wonders and more Shares = generally more business. Marketers should use Facebook with their email subscribers and with their other social media sites to get the most return on their marketing strategies. But they should also be weary of overlap in content. For more information, click here.
  3. Using blogs as credibility. Many people trust blogs because the simplistic and honest opinions of bloggers beat out the marketing and PR talk from a company’s website. If marketers can find a better way to integrate their business with blogs, it can possibly lead to good outcomes for their brands.

2)    Marketing in a Snap…Chat 

I’m really excited to see how companies will use Snapchat and other personal messaging tools (Kik, Tango, Whatsapp, etc.) in their marketing efforts. Snapchat, who’s core audience ranges from ages 13-25 and who just declined a $3 billion buyout from Facebook, has the potential to change the realm of mobile advertising. Snapchat combines two important components of effective marketing: personalization and immediacy into a convenient phone app. Imagine if companies can capitalize on sending Snaps to their target audiences? I really think that marketers should and eventually will use such personal messaging tools to reach their consumers.

3) Superbowl Ads from PACCHsuperbowlweb9s-1-web

Forget Bruno Mars at halftime. I’m more excited to see what ads will air for this year. Will Dodge be able to top it’s incredible farmer commercial ? Can GoDaddy redeem itself from last year’s awkwardness? Most of all, I’m pumped to see what the group of companies I deem as “PACCH” (PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Chrysler, and Hyndai), who are the biggest Superbowl ad spenders, have up their sleeves.

4) Crowdsourcing is Buzzing!

Crowdsourcing, the idea of getting a community of people to get information or to complete a task, has been around for a while (see: Kickstarter and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk). But BuzzFeed is merging crowdsourcing with media. BuzzFeed is continuing to expand internationally and instead of hiring expensive professional translators for its articles, it is relying on foreign-language speakers who are learning English through the app, Duolingo.  I think this will be one of the most exciting things to change the electronic media landscape in 2014 and for many years to come.

What are YOU excited to see in the industry this year? Thanks for reading and please comment below!