So before I departed for a study abroad trip in Paris (!), I wanted to publish one more post. This week’s post is about a French movie that I saw a few days ago that really moved me. The film is called “The Intouchables” and it’s about the relationship between a quadriplegic and his caregiver. Based off the true story of Phillipe Pozzo Di Borgo, a wealthy Frenchman paralyzed from the neck down after a paragliding trip went awry, and his caretaker, Abdel Sellou, a former convict who was living on the streets, this movie shows how a deep friendship can grow from even the most surprising of people. The film has won numerous international awards, been nominated for a Golden Globe, and is also the second biggest box office hit in France.

Abdel-and-PhillippeWhat I liked about the movie was that it was just so…human. Actor Omar Sy, who plays Sellou, portrays a tough guy with an inquisitive, though not necessarily “soft”, side. There is a playfulness with Sellou, whether it be pouring hot water on Di Borgo’s groin to hiring masseuses to massage Di Borgo’s earlobes (the only places where he can feel pleasure), that’s so unexpected that you cannot help but to smile. Sellou stands out from the other more-qualified caretakers because he sees Di Borgo, played by Francois Cluzet, as a man who only has a slight inconvenience, and so Sellou offers him very little pity. Instead, he helps Di Borgo recover from his depression by realizing the finer things of life, even at age 42. My only suggestion would have been to illustrate the troubles of Sellou’s personal life a bit more, to show the struggle that he really had managing his family trouble while tending to his paralyzed boss.

Overall, it’s a truly heartwarming movie, that I highly recommend watching. Both actors have incredible chemistry with each other. Here’s the trailer:

This marks my last post for a while before I go to Paris. But I’ll be back to posting in December! Thanks again for reading and please comment below!