It’s been an eventful and tragic week for the country, to say the least. My prayers go out to the families of those deeply affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and I’d like to show my appreciation to all the first-responders and good samaritans who helped out in the crisis.

At first, I was going to write about how the media completely muffed up the manhunt for the bombing suspects. But then I decided that I should talk about something a little more positive. So after perusing Facebook during one of my many study breaks(!), I found a video that my friend posted from Dove called their “Real Beauty Sketches”. Here it is:

What stands out to me about this campaign is just the raw emotion I felt when I saw these women see both of their portraits at the end of the video. The women are not crying or anything but rather they just seem so…awakened, as if they looked at themselves from a brand new perspective. It’s really interesting how we notice our flaws so easily compared to how others see us. We are usually so self-conscious about our own physical features, but it’s amazing how other people who see us for the first time don’t really notice such things. Yet we dwell so much on these features that they turn into serious insecurities and we end up thinking that we’re not beautiful at all. The downward spiral just continues from there.¬†Overall, we can debate the amount of acting and planning that Dove coordinated with the participants of the ad but we cannot deny the message it sends to people everywhere about how beautiful they truly are.

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