The rapper from Compton, California is really starting to come up in today’s hip hop and rap scene. This is one of my favorite songs by him, performed on Saturday Night Live. His success, which seems as if it’s been fairly overnight after his hit “Swimming Pools (Drank)”, has grown exponentially. I like this version of his song, Poetic Justice, better than the original because of two main reasons: the absence of Drake’s awful verse (“I can never right my wrongs unless I write [right] them down for real”, really??) and the amazing combination of his voice with the saxophone and the drums in the back. It’s just a great performance, which is usually rare for rappers who perform live. Also on a side note, if you check out the official music video for his song, there’s a lot of praise for Mr. Lamar using a dark-skinned model in his video as opposed to a more common light-skinned model. People have said that it speaks to the idea of how people can be beautiful, regardless of how dark their skin may be.

The next song is called “Rigamortus” off his “Section 80” album that was released in 2011. Right off the start of the track, you can hear his spitfire-type flow on the song: “Got me breathing with dragons, I’ll crack the egg in your basket…”. He has a unique rhyme scheme throughout the whole song that I’m really impressed with, and it kind of reminds me of a something Eminem would rap to. They both enjoy stretching the endings of a lot of words to make them rhyme, which is extremely challenging to do when you’re writing the lyrics (and obviously when you’re rapping that fast!). It also amazes me that he seems to take such few breaths throughout the entire song. The fastest part, in my opinion, starts from 2:34. Enjoy!

Note: Some of his lyrics are explicit!


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