For everyone on Facebook, we all know that seeing updates on everyone’s life can get really repetitive and irritating. I mean, do I really need to know that that one kid from freshman year who I added 2 years ago is currently listening to Taylor Swift? A bit surprising yes, but nevertheless pointless. The current news feed shows users what their friends like, what pictures they’ve taken, changes to their relationship status, and more. Sometimes it even shows comments that they post on their friends’ pictures, which is totally weird.

But on Thursday, Facebook announced that they will try to make things easier by filtering information for users. It will focus on three modifications: Imagery, Multiple Feeds, and Mobile Similarities. Though only some of the changes have started to show, representatives from Facebook say that most users will see changes in a few weeks.


The focus of the feeds will be more photo-based instead of text-based. Photos will be much larger and will stand out more. Everything from news articles about Justin Beiber to those scandalous pictures from Cancun will be larger and in a cleaner format. Users would also be able to scroll through photo albums right from the news feed. So be ready for Facebook to look a lot like Instagram or Google+, folks!


The new news feed will also allow users to see more information about their music news, photos, or whatever they want to look at. This is a way for Facebook to try to harness specific information to cater to its billion-plus users. There will also be a “following feed” that will allow users to see posts in chronological order from the pages they “Liked” and followed, which adds some order to the feed that is now a bit too scattered.

Mobile Changes

Representatives from the company say that the programmers of the news feed were inspired by the Facebook mobile application. So they added more white space, spread out the information more, and added a new navigation bar for better accessibility. Overall, the feed is going to be less cluttered and more accessible for users.


SO what does this mean for investors? I mean after all, Facebook is a big boy company now. After a sub-par IPO last year, the company has been desperately trying to convince Wall Street that it’s the real deal. With more than 1.06 billion users a month, Facebook has a huge market for companies to target, which is the main reason why it got so hot in the first place. However, the site has been trying to revamp itself and establish a more concrete revenue model aside from advertising. Just this past January the site released a social searching tool that would make it easier for people to connect with one another. In my opinion, I dont think the Facebook “cosmetic” changes are enough to help them out. Facebook should spend more of its resources on its mobile side—trying to get more users to download their app, figuring out how to allow advertising on their app without sacrificing aesthetics, overall getting users to stay on their app for longer, and more. What ever Zuckerberg decides to do, I hope it works out for the company.

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