Over the course of the week I saw two ad videos that have really stuck out to me as being pretty good.

The first one is a commercial by Audi for its 2013 RS 4 Avant. Now Audi is definitely no stranger to good advertising (watch their Superbowl prom commercial), but I feel like they change things up with this one because they make it really clear who their target market is: Alpha males. These are the guys who love the fast cars, the drifting, and the competition. Add an intense driving duel of paintball with mounted military-grade guns and paint grenades and you have a great video that appeals to the male-dominant masses. With more than a million hits on Youtube though, Audi has generated enough buzz from male and female viewers alike worldwide. Nice job as always, Audi. You can watch the commercial here:

The second video I saw was from OREO who, if you remember, had quite a quiet and hilarious commercial during the Superbowl. This video shows a device that physicist David Neevel built to take off the creme filling in the middle from the outer cookie. I think what makes this ad stand out is the serious aspect to such a silly idea. I mean come on, the guy designs a robotic machine, complete with levers, pulleys, and mechanical arms only to separate the creme from the cookie! Who cares THAT much about the difference between the two, that they’d go through such pains to create a machine about it? Clearly Mr. Neevel really dislikes the creme. It’s interesting though, that Oreo has had such success in engaging its audience by making them choose sides on the very thing that makes Oreos so delicious: the creme and the cookie eaten together. Their whole ad campaign is based off actually splitting its consumers into two parties, depending on which part of the Oreo they like. Here’s the video:

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