Last week I talked about how Superbowl XLVII may not have as many viewers as those of the previous Superbowls, at least according to experts. So how did it fare up? Let’s take a look:

  • The LA Times reported that about 108.4 million people tuned in this year, which was actually down a whole 3% from last year’s, 111.3 million. Then again, last year’s Superbowl was the No. 1 most-watched program in TV history ever. This year’s Superbowl came in 3rd place of all time, only behind the Superbowl of 2010 that had 111 million viewers. That’s pretty good!
  • According to, Beyonce’s halftime show had a 48.2/71 rating, which means that 48.2% of the 71% of American viewers who actually watched the Superbowl watched the half-time show as well. Last year when Madonna performed, she earned a 48.1% rating. So despite her age, Madonna was still able to keep up with Beyonce!

Analysts debated that the viewership was lowered perhaps because of the 34-minute blackout that occurred early in the second half of the game (which gave Mercedes some really good marketing by the way!). Maybe some viewers changed the channel during the blackout, especially since CBS didn’t switch over to the commercials immediately. Furthermore, the delay pushed the ending of the game past the regular 11 PM finish time, so many East Coast viewers may have stopped watching because they had to get up early for school/work the next day (if only the Monday after was a national holiday!).

One statistic that stuck out to me though was that social media chatter didn’t decrease this year, even though viewership did. In fact, the amount of posts on social media sites obliterated all previous records. According to the company Trendrr TV, this year there were about 47.7 million posts during this game across Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Last year, there were 17 million posts and in 2010, only 3 million! It just goes to show how much people really have to say about the Superbowl. I, for one, tweeted and posted 2 Facebook statuses about the game, not to mention these 2 blog posts!

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