Pepsi and Coca-Cola are back at it again! This time it’s with their brand ambassadors. Pepsi has most recently signed Beyonce, adding to an arsenal of Sofia Vergara, the star from “Modern Family”, and Nicki Minaj, the pop singer.

Twsift coke

Coke’s response? Signing Grammy-award-winning artist Taylor Swift.

Swift will be representing Diet Coke on a series of branding initiatives, though the details of which campaigns in particular have still not been released to the public. The only information that was disclosed from Coke was that she will not be involved in their SuperBowl campaign. Still, it is a bold move from Coke to grab Swift. Though she is nowhere close to Beyonce’s stardom (yet!), she is no doubt one of the hottest stars of today. According to Billboard’s Top 40 Money Makers of 2012, T-Swift ranked No. 1, earning more than $35 million, which was more than other famous musicians like Adele, Katy Perry and Rihanna made combined. Musically, she’s been nominated for 15 Grammy Awards and has 6 under her belt. She also recently signed endorsement contracts with Cover Girl, Sony Electronics, and Keds.

Do celebrity endorsements even matter? And are they even real? In my opinion, it’s not what the celebrity does with the company’s product, it’s how the company uses the celebrity’s endorsement that matters. These kinds of things can be very risky for some companies. Close to a decade ago, there was an incident with Britney Spears, who was representing Pepsi at the time, being photographed sipping Coke. Gasp! Swift, however, claims that Diet Coke is always in her fridge “because it understands [her].” Whatever that means can be left to the reader, but now it’s up to Coke to use her endorsement effectively. Many companies use celebrities to endorse their brands but few do it properly. Some, like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Nationwide Auto Insurance, aren’t very effective. But others, like The Bolt Collection by Puma and Usain Bolt, have been really successful. So it’s up to Coke to make sure that T-Swizzle’s endorsement pays off because she has some really stiff competition from Beyonce!

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