As 2012 draws to a close, I wanted to recap the top marketing and advertising news of the year and elaborate on the ones that I found to be most intriguing. So after scouring the Internet for a compilation of interesting news, I found an article that lists 12 of the hottest stories of the field from this past year. I’ll spare you the trouble of reading 12 summaries (and myself from writing 12 summaries!), so I’ll choose just three or four to talk about.

1. The first big story of 2012 was Facebook’s unraveling of their Timeline for businesses. In February of 2012, brands had a new cover photo, a redesigned layout, and a promise that they could “better tell their story” and connect to Facebook users by using Timeline. It’s no secret that much of the success of marketing through Facebook is due to the website’s ability to capture and funnel a previously untapped and unreachable market all into one place. Add a “Like” button on corporate websites and users are instantly connected to those businesses. But Timeline offers users a glimpse of the profile of a company and lets them see updates, photos, links, videos, and more.

2. Another highlight of this past year was the buzz of Pinterest. As I just added that word to my Macbook dictionary, Pinterest has become the fastest website to surpass 10 million active users. By April, it knocked out LinkedIn as the third most-visited social media site after, of course, Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest works primarily as a referral site for consumers, and an online market grid for retailers, designers, and artists as they can see what companies and products consumers really want, as opposed to just knowing what they like through previous market research. And with 70% (and counting) of its active users being women, there’s definitely some surety that Pinterest will be around for a while.

3. Last but not least, I was really surprised with reading that in a survey of 1000 small business owners of the method of communication they find to be most effective, about 83% of them said “email marketing”. That’s right, forget about Facebook and Twitter, the best marketing tool for small businesses was said to be good ol’ fashioned email. And it’s their favorite tool for a reason–according to a report by Monetale, an e-commerce software firm, email marketing has driven more overall sales than their social media counterparts. About 4.25% of visitors from email buy something, versus the 2.49% and 0.59% that do from search engines and social media sites, respectively. The reason why email marketing works is because of the trust businesses can build from sending promotions to the one place consumers check most often: their inboxes.

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