So I was Tumblr-ing the other night (a 10-minute break, I promise!) and I came across a series of ads that really caught my attention, so I thought I’d share them with the world and add my opinion to the whole ad campaign as well. It’s called the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign and it was created by the Battered Women’s Support Services and their partnership with Vancouver Police Department, Bar Watch, Women Against Violence Against Women and the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre. It was started in response to a rise in reports of alcohol-related sexual assaults in the city. It attempts to graphically send out the message that any type of sexual action without consent still counts as “sexual assault”, no matter how much alcohol is consumed by either party involved.

To start off, it’s awful that this campaign was “inspired” by such a terrible increase in the number of assault reported. I was even more appalled when studies showed that 48% of men did not consider it as “rape” if a woman was too drunk to know what is going on. Are you serious? Of course that’s rape! Sure, the argument of ” the woman shouldn’t allow herself to become that vulnerable in the first place” may come into play. But the founders of this campaign said that they designed the campaign with that argument in mind and, in order to prevent victim-blaming, chose to target the male perpetrators of the crimes. Further efforts to prevent assaults include placing these ads in bar restrooms and training bar staff to recognize and respond to potential risk situations.

From my little marketing knowledge, I like this campaign a lot because these ads look like they’d be very effective. I know that the saying “Don’t be that guy” is pretty common amongst young people in funny situations, which works out well because this campaign is targeted to men between the ages of 18-25. So it’s interesting to debate if taking such a light-hearted phrase and applying it to a serious issue will be successful or not. I really hope that this campaign strikes a chord within men so, if they’re ever placed in such a situation like some of the ones this ad tries to depict, that they think about not being that guy and don’t make a bad decision.

Here’s the original article:

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