I’ve never been much of a fun of coffee until this year. College, with all its late night studying sessions, has turned me into a coffee lover. But it’s become more of a preference to drink coffee: it’s become one of my passions! I started drinking black coffee to try and appreciate the small tastes that are otherwise masked when you add milk and sugar. Over the course of my life, I want to try different coffees and different roast variations from all over the world. So every now and then, I’ll post some stuff about the type of coffee I’m trying. I’m definitely not an expert (yet!) and most of these are coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, but I just want to share one of my newly-found passions with anyone reading this.

So before I tell you my motivation for why I want to try coffee, HEAR ME OUT!

I really just want to be pretentious about something. And that “something”, I decided, will be coffee. Instead of going to wine-tastings, I want to go to coffee bean tastings. I want to try new and different blends of coffee, sip by sip, ponder intently for a second as I try to figure out where the bean is from, and then confidently say “Hmmm tastes like it’s Arabian” or “This is definitely Colombian blend.” And then everyone will be impressed. It’s a small goal, but I just want to be pretentious with coffee!