Last week, Instagram debuted its new web profile system for users. That’s right folks, Instagram has made their website more   Facebook-y…kinda. And while users are wondering why they would move all their photos from Facebook to Instagram, some companies see value in having profiles for their brands.

It’s a new and immeasurable concept at the moment: using Instagram as a social media tool to market your brand. The appeal lies in distributing your brand on a platform with over 100 million users and possibly being able to direct users from Instagram to other social media sites. And while there hasn’t been a significant rise in the number of brands on Instagram, many professionals are intrigued and confident that the social media site will be a great marketing platform for companies in the future. Companies are attracted to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr because they target a younger, “unreachable” audience that is already connected to one another.

Overall, it’s pretty interesting to see how much of an impact social media has on corporations. It’s like they’re testing the waters with new platforms: first with Facebook, then Twitter, and now…Instagram? Some brands have been fully active with their Instagram profiles. Sharpie, with its 38,000 followers and more on its page, has a social media team that has a portfolio of images to create inspiration from its products. Other companies, like General Electric, are not so confident in Instagram as being a global marketing tool. Paul Marcum, GE’s director of global digital marketing and programming, is hesitant to market through Instagram because he doesn’t Instagram as having as rich of an environment for marketing as other sites (though I wish he expanded on that idea a bit). I just found this article to be interesting because it shows how Instagram, which primarily started off as a photo-sharing website, can now be used by corporations as a way to market their products. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another post next week!

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