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The Intouchables

So before I departed for a study abroad trip in Paris (!), I wanted to publish one more post. This week’s post is about a French movie that I saw a few days ago that really moved me. The film is called “The Intouchables” and it’s about...Read More »

The Great Dictator

B&W Sure Beats S&M

So I had originally written this on my Tumblr page about a year ago after watching the 1940s hit movie, “The Great Dictator”, but it still applies for today:

Wait. Before you judge this post by its title, READ IT.

The other day I...Read More »

Knocked Up

Knocked Up has everything I like in a comedy: really funny social commentary jokes and that kind of everyday heartfelt warmth. I’m definitely not a film critic but I like how they started out showing how both Allison’s (Katherine Heigl) and Ben’s (Seth Rogen) lives are so different,...Read More »

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